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This collection of work in an exploration of violence, healing and femininity. These works focus heavily on the idea of symbols, both existing and designed by herself. "I enjoy fables, and creating these characters that represent something and teach us something.Through them, I can bring all these conversations i've been having into a piece". Her 'Sea Shells' piece follows a specific mythological creature called Mamlambo, who features in a lot of Southern African storytelling. The gender-fluid deity is a sea creature that like exists in rivers. The tradition dictates, once a person visited a traditional healer, they would prescribe something to you. One of those things could be Mamlambo. Unsurprisingly, this is often seen as dark magic or "muti" as it's referred to within the culture. However, for Zethu, who is far removed from the traditional practice of deities and natural healers, it's a point of interest rather than fear. "As I haven't lived there my whole life, I don't have the lived experience to allow me to relate to the fear. My research into mythologies of women in water and snakes and how we're kind of conditioned to be afraid has led me to be more on the curious side, because I know I'm safe."

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