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Zethu Maseko

Artist and Cultural Worker

Zethu Maseko is an artist who delves into the realms of various mediums and artistic processes, with a particular focus on exploring the profound connection between water and the interconnectedness of humanity with the land. Through a diverse range of mediums including performance, film, costume, tapestry, sound, and workshops, Zethu breathes life into her artistic vision, giving voice to underrepresented narratives.

At the heart of Zethu's artistic practice lies her continuous exploration of tapestry. This medium serves as a gateway for her to delve into alternative mythological realities and unseen worlds, deeply rooted in historical truths. Her tapestry creations are a tapestry of rich imagery, symbols, titles, and texts, all derived from her exploration of dream visions. The themes that emerge from Zethu's works are varied, encompassing memory, geography, connectivity, spirituality, healing, belonging, and ancestry.

Zethu's sound works are an integral part of her artistic expression. By incorporating landscape audio samples, experimenting with various instruments, and using vocal expressions, she delves into the pursuit of postcolonial identity, healing, and Afrofuturism. Through her sound compositions, Zethu reflects on both the truthful pasts that shape us and the uncertain futures that lie ahead.

Beyond her personal artistic endeavors, Zethu is committed to sharing her knowledge and creative process with others. She has conducted workshops around the world, engaging with communities in diverse locations such as Glasgow, Eswatini, South Africa, Cornwall, London, and more. Through these workshops, Zethu fosters a spirit of collaboration and exchange, inspiring others to explore their own artistic potential.

Although Zethu Maseko is in the early stages of her career, she has already achieved significant recognition and received numerous accolades. Her exceptional talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, Zethu was honored with the Young Achiever Future Leader Award from the Universal Peace Federation at the UK Parliament, highlighting her potential as a leader in the field. Additionally, she has been the recipient of esteemed grants and recognition, including the prestigious Peter Stanley Prize in 2017 and the Tuwezeshe Akina Dada Fellowship Grant in 2018. These acknowledgments reflect the impact and promise of Zethu's artistic endeavors.

For a comprehensive overview of Zethu Maseko's past exhibitions, residencies, and events, please visit the provided link.














Image Credit:  Collaborative project with  Photographer Hannah Beth

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